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1. Red Intensity
2. Green Intensity
3. Blue Intensity

4. Color Number Decimal
5. Color Number Hexadecimal
6. RGB Hexadecimal

7. Copy Buttons
8. Eyedropper with Magnifier
9. Brightness
10. Saturation
11. Hue

12. Color Matrix
13. Color Mixer
14. Preview Field
15. Web Safe Colors

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Auto Copy

Three textboxes have copy buttons. By a click on one of these buttons the content of the belonging textbox will be copied to the clipboard. With the right click you can choose a button that should copy a color number to the clipboard automatically.


  • Copying RGB hexadecimal for HTML with assistance of the copy button and copying automatically the diamond will be set in front of the number.
  • The automatic copy executed as soon as you have chosen a new color and have changed to another program. So the clipboard inside of pkColorPicker can be used undisturbed.
  • If any manual copy has been executed after a color change, the chosen color number will be not copied automatically by change to another program.


Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)English (United Kingdom)